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I’m working with a client that currently uses an Airtable Form to collect data from applicants to a job posting. All fields are required in the form. We are receiving form submissions that have the email field or other fields completely empty. What is causing this? Does this happen when forms are refreshed or a tab is closed in a browser? I’m really not sure.

I’m thinking it may be best for the client to use a third-party form, but I’m perplexed by this issue of empty required fields. Thanks for your help!

Are you sure that the fields on your form are the same exact fields that you’re looking at in your Airtable base? I would check to make sure you’re looking at the correct table in Airtable, and also make sure that you don’t have any hidden fields that aren’t currently visible in your table.

Yes, I checked that the form we are sending to applicants is the form in the table collecting the information. We’ve received around 300 submissions, and about 25 of them had just name, phone number, and no other info, including the email field. Seems really strange that an empty field that is required on the form could be submitted.

I would send an email to and report back here where what they say.

What does the record history say?

Is it possible that the records were not created through the form, but created some other way?

Could the records have been submitted before the fields were made required?

Is the email field only displayed conditionally?

Could users have typed a space character in the email field instead of an actual email address?

Could the email addresses have been accidentally deleted after submission?

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Here is the record history:
Screenshot for Forum

This is from a submission this morning. All records are required, no conditional fields.

If users had used a space character, wouldn’t it show up here in record history?

Thanks for the screen capture.

Is it possible that there is a different form that was being used?

If there is no other form, I also recommend contacting support.

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