Email form send email to submitter

It should be easy to send a confirmation to the submitter of a form. This should be a basic option. PLEASE.

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Hi Angela,

You can’t do that today in Airtable natively, however you can configure a Zap in Zapier to accomplish this. If one of the fields is the email of the submitter, you can trigger an email from Zapier to the submitter using the “New record” trigger and “Send email” action!


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I just commented on a post from 2 years ago about this. Should be a basic feature without needing third party solutions.

Hi @Chris_Lawless1 , Yes now it’s available from Airtable Automation :

1- so you will need to choose your trigger: in your case, I guess you receive Form submissions: so you can choose the trigger: when an email is received ( outlook or Gmail for now ) or just use If a Record matches a condition like ( Not Empty ) because it will be filled by the forms anyway.

2- You will choose what type of action you choose here
I guess send an email: Airtable or Gmail or Outlook as a sender
Type down your message, you can choose what fields from your table you want to share

I think that should do. what you are looking for
My Best
Ahmed Elagami