Email id for record to log the email to the history

Hello great community.
wonder if there is an option where we can get a custom email ID for a record for example ( and when we communicate with this email id, all history will be logged in the record history as chat or notes
This exact feature is in clickup, any recommendations how to do that native or via automation tool?

thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Hany_Sayed!

This is not a built-in feature of Airtable.

You can custom create something similar for yourself with Integromat’s mailhooks, but you still wouldn’t have access to Airtable’s activity/comments area, so you would have to either create records or update fields in existing records.

You also don’t have the ability to choose your own email address for your mailhooks, but you could easily setup auto-forwarding from other email addresses.

Here are some links:

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wow that was super duper answer!
thank you
but there is no chance of native?

I have no idea… I don’t work for Airtable, and they don’t make their future plans public. You could email them at to let them know that you would like to see this added to the product.

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