"Email me a copy of my responses.".... Really?

My clients are very unpleased by this new “mandatory” feature in forms. Why mandatory?

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Are you sure this is not a field in Airtable? I haven’t seen this in any of my forms (old or new)

Open your form in another chrome session. I don’t see it in airtable too!
As this is a new feature, maybe it’s not releasedon all airtable accounts yet.

It’s an obnoxious new addition that they are testing with some users. They often do this to judge how many complaints they receive on something before they roll it out to everybody. Be sure to complain about this to support@airtable.com. At the very least, this “feature” should be able to be turned off by disabling the “show Airtable branding” option, but it is not possible to turn this off yet.

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I really feel that they switched from being focus on makers and releasing modules to help them do more, to now focusing on end-users and delivering features, their key accounts ask for.

It complexifies the tool more and more and make it less and less accessible…

And they are really only focusing on a few key enterprise customers. They primarily add features that those enterprise customers request.

I don’t have evidence about that… But this is the feeling that new releases bring me.

Right, that’s what I meant — we don’t have hard evidence, but it seems obvious from the results.

Agree with you all. This really needs to be removed or at least made optional. Allowing a user to email themselves responses isn’t that difficult anyway with automations. -1