Email Notification from Airtable based on a specific column


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I am new on Airtable and trying to use it for Project Tracking. I am going to list all my projects in one table and I want to receive email notification when ever any of the projects is near its due date. for e.g. ABC is a project and its due date is February 25. So, I want an email from Airtable on Feb 23 as an alarm that the due date for ABC is close.

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You can create a View based on that date, and automate a reminder with Zapier or Integromat:


Thanks for the feedback Elias. But I am also not sure if they also connect with Microsoft Outlook to send the notifications/emails. While I was checking, people have mentioned Gmail in almost all of their queries/feedbacks.

Do you know if they provide this service on Outlook?

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I’m confused, to receive an email you don’t need any integration, the remitter send it and you receive it. In this case, Zapier send it and it goes to your inbox, whatever it is.

Gmail is mentioned as a trigger, ie to add content from an email to Airtable. But this time is in the other way.


Yes, it’s the other way around this time. Thanks for the clarification , and that helps. I will create a new View and test if I can get the due date email notification.

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