Email Templates


I would love to be able to send row(s) emails based on templates, example:

To: {rcpt_emails}

Hey {first_name},

Thanks for submitting you information. blah blah blah...


//Include row(s) summary/grid (as now)


:+1: +1 This would be super helpful for our communications with user research participants. We usually send recruits emails to confirm their attendance at sessions/workshops.

With the low numbers of recruits / participants for each study, this could even work on an ad hoc basis, as a 1-by-1 compose email through my native desktop email client (Outlook). Not sure whether batch processing might suit others better.

@Ben_Orozco ideally how would this work for your situation?


Initially I would do it on demand, per record, but I guess this could be further automated using Zapier


I just found about this new Sendgrid block:

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem I can send a single record can customize the To: field

Can anyone confirm that?


Ben, did you figure this out? You send to a single contact/record simply by setting the filter so only that record shows in the view. Let me know if I misunderstood the question.


I meant sending individual record(s), not views


@Ben_Orozco are you looking for a CRM type of feature where you can respond to folks that complete a form?

I’m really struggling with this…pain in the ass to manually craft an email from my email client every time we get a newly completed form…


@Ben_Orozco & @Brandon_Sturgill – Unless I’m missing something, the SendGrid block can do exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s say you have an Airtable form that gathers name, email, phone number, and favorite color. Each time a form is submitted, a new record is created in your table with those fields. Now, go to your SendGrid block, choose the appropriate table, view, and email field, and finally compose your email using variables from the single record that were populated by the form:

Dear {Name},

Thanks for submitting the form! We now have your contact info as {email} and {phone number} in our files, and we know your favorite color is {favorite color}. Please let us know if anything changes!

Now, obviously you don’t want to send that email again to people who have already received it. You can control for this by adding a checkbox field to your table, then creating a new view that filters out the records with this field checked. Now, set your SendGrid block to use this new filtered view. After you send your new form responses, just check the box in the corresponding record and it will disappear from the view – and you’re ready for a fresh form response and new welcome email.

Hope this points you in the right direction. Lots more details in the support resources for the block.


@Arlo_Haskell I was missing the ability to filter…was under the impression it was “all or nothing”…I’ll definitely give this a shot. And thanks!


Filters are essential. See: