Email Templates


I would love to be able to send row(s) emails based on templates, example:

To: {rcpt_emails}

Hey {first_name},

Thanks for submitting you information. blah blah blah...


//Include row(s) summary/grid (as now)


:+1: +1 This would be super helpful for our communications with user research participants. We usually send recruits emails to confirm their attendance at sessions/workshops.

With the low numbers of recruits / participants for each study, this could even work on an ad hoc basis, as a 1-by-1 compose email through my native desktop email client (Outlook). Not sure whether batch processing might suit others better.

@Ben_Orozco ideally how would this work for your situation?


Initially I would do it on demand, per record, but I guess this could be further automated using Zapier


I just found about this new Sendgrid block:

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem I can send a single record can customize the To: field

Can anyone confirm that?