Emailing multiple records on Mobile App

I’m struggling to find a way to do this and not even sure if it’s possible with Airtable app and can’t seem to replicate the “right-click” on Desktop Version on Safari (iPhone) either.

Any ideas?

In general, the mobile app only contains a tiny fraction of the features of the desktop Airtable experience.

However, if you’re looking for the “Send Record” feature, that one is there. Just tap on a record to zoom into the details for that record, and then tap on the title of that record in the header. You will see the option to “Send Record” there.

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Thanks for your response, however, I was looking for a way to send multiple records at once and not just singles.

Ah, unfortunately, that isn’t possible natively with the mobile app. You would have to create an automation to do that, and you could trigger the automation by checking a checkbox in each record (or something like that). Still not as easy or quick as what you were doing on desktop, but at least it would work.

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