Emailing quote requests from Airtable data


I work as a logistics broker & need to provide quotes to my clients.
To obtain the base costs for these quotes I need to contact my network of transport providers to get their best prices (which I then mark up)

I can see I can use Airtable for keeping. a list of my:

  • Clients
  • Quote request
  • Transport providers

And then link the sheets up like the CRM type examples.

But can I take the data from the quote requests sheet to:

  1. Use some of the information to populate an email template to send to multiple vendors who fit the right criteria i.e. Quote is for importing from China, I only want to send to transport providers who are tagged ‘China’
  2. collect any replies back into Airtable quotes sheet to evaluate/calculate best price (I’m thinking a form is sent to the providers & they have to enter a total in the form when they reply - or could they enter direct into Airtable?)
  3. Use this information to produce a quote document (PDF) for my clients which is sent through Airtable

Sorry if that’s a bit waffly/vague but wanted to start somewhere.


Not vague at all Mark. I see this request all the time.

Unfortunately, Airtable has some external reporting challenges and without an internal scripting model, it’s difficult to assemble a precise PDF report that can be sent, copied, managed, and stored.

I build systems that meet these requirements. If you have budget, give me a shout - and I’ll share a recent project so you can see. You can also see an example here.

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