Emailing Records Without Empty Values

Hi, is there a way to send a record or group of records excluding all empty fields?

Welcome to the community, Joseph! :smiley: It’s very likely possible. Where/how would you like to send them? Via email? SMS? Slack? Do you want to format the sent records in a specific way, or just send them as raw data? The more you can tell us about what you want to achieve, the easier it is for us to help.

Hi @Justin_Barrett thanks for your response. I would like to email the records and the grid layout format works well for me. To provide some more context, the data I want to send is on a table that is populated from a Jotforms integration. On Jotforms I have created conditions to send tailored question sets specific to each company we work with, as well as some general questions. In this way, the majority of fields in airtable are empty because each company answers only 5-10 of 100 or so questions. The kanban view works well in airtable because it only shows questions non-empty fields, but when I try to send the records the grid includes all fields (empty and non-empty). Thanks a ton for your help.

Hi @Joseph_Curran - you can’t do this with the standard Airtable “record email” I’m afraid. It shows all fields in the record and there isn’t any way to hide empty fields. However, as you’re already using Jotform, there is a way to do this there. Go to your form settings - you can add email sends there. I think, by default, Jotform sends to the Jotform account holder and the person submitting the form (if there’s an email address). If you click into either of these and go to the Advanced settings you can toggle the “hide empty fields” setting:

It looks like you can modify the email and remove or alter the branding if you want to, even on the free plan.


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Thanks for your help @JonathanBowen