Emailing Results of Form Submission

Does anybody know if it is possible to setup a standardised email that would send the results of a form submission to a specific email address?

We wondering if we can use Airtable to replace a current system where details, submitted via a web form, are emailed to a distribution centre requesting that items are dispatched. These details are then also stored in the relevant table of our database.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how this could be done.

You could use Zapier to send an email every time a new record is created. This is very simple if you are sending the emails from a Gmail account.

Hi @Dominic_Rannie - you can also use a standard Airtable form to email results to the base owner - there’s a settings option at the bottom of the form set-up:

The email will be something like this.

If you want something more customised - either layout/content or recipient, then, as @David_Skinner suggests, Zapier is a good option.


Thanks David - great suggestion. I have had a look at this and I think it will do exactly what we were looking for.

Thanks Jonathan. I hadn’t spotted that option. Does generate a nicely formatted message, but there are a few limitations with this as you said. Good to know about this though!