Emails from withing Airtable not reaching destination

We are having a problem sending rows of data to a couple clients. This works in all instances except for two cases:

In one case, we send 1 or more rows (right-click on the row and choose send all selected records.

We select the “send a copy to myself” option.

For one client, they do not receive the email and we do not get the copy.

For a different client, we get the copy that we requested but they do not get their copy. In this case, I forward the email that came to me, to them, and it gets there no problem.

Both clients claim they have no filters or blocks on the airtable or our domain.

They fact that we do not get the requested copy in once instances is very odd. Even if the client was blocking and/or filtering those emails, I should receive my copy.

Has anyone run into anything like this?

Matthew Moran

I’m curious how those emails are being sent as well. Also, can we configure how the emails are sent (headers/SMTP servers, ect.)?

In the meantime Matthew, have you checked out SendGrid? If you’re already using Zapier/Integromat/ect. it might be a temporary solution for you. Free for up to 100 emails/day and their system is great at getting to the inbox.

I know of no way in Airtable to use smtp servers outside of Airtables.

The challenge is that we send the emails from withing Airtable, highlighting one or more rows, and using the send rows features. This works because they group the rows by client and can send them in bulk.

With the new scripting block or other integration options we may be able to highlight/mark those rows and ready to send and have the email sent from an external system. Once sent, the rows would be marked as sent. We also need a way to add an additional message - again - it can be done but will take a little work to setup and make run smoothly.

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