Embed Airtable view to new Google site

Hello all! I seem unable to embed an airtable view to a google site. When using URL input I see only a preview of the content (not the actual view) and nothing happens when using embed code generated by Airtable.

Thanks in advance!

Hey there - Have you tried using the iFrame?

Step 1. Click Embed

Step 2. Embed iFrame

Thank you for your answer. I tried exactly what you are showing and nothing happens when I use the code from AT.

Does this work?

To embed content, choose “Embed,” then select “Embed Code” (instead of URL) and paste your embed code into the box. Choose “Next” to see a preview of your embedded content. Select “Insert” to add it.

From: https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-embed-content-from-the-web-to-your-google-site/

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