Embed Image into a Form

Hi All,

Do you know if it’s possible to have a static image inserted into a form so the user can view the image? Probably something very simple that I am overlooking.

Thank you


I assume an Airtable form, and by static image do you mean an image stored in a record attachment, or simply an image hosted on the web somewhere?

Bill thanks for the reply. Yes in an Airtable Form. I am trying to create a quiz or test and the end user needs to view a photo and pick an answer based on that photo’s content. I’ve tried an attachment field and pasting the photo URL into a URL field but It’s seems as though I am stuck.

Yeah - I get it. I’ll get back to this after lunch.

okay great thanks again for the help


Check out if starting from Gallery view is helpful.


I knew I had seen this example somewhere; that looks like the right place to start.

Did you figure this out? I’m working on the same issue going nuts attempting to include a static image in an AirTable form. I’d like to present an image and gather simple “yes or no” data. The attachment option simply allows users of the form to attach an image.