Embed/link to individual records


I’d find it quite useful to be able to embed and/or link to individual records. Ideally, this would be without sharing an entire table.

Get shareable link to an individual record

Would also be cool if these supported Open Graph and Onebox, thus able to show (partial) records in many places and/or a forum like this.


Hey Bob,

Interesting, right now you can email a single record but I can see how it could also be useful to embed a single record. We’ll keep this in mind.


+1 for this!

Especially in combination with views and Zapier— email single record views to appropriate team member upon a form submission.

Also great for keeping permissions tight—would enable exposing single records in a conversation across team members.


I support this request too, embedding a single record would be useful and save on duplicate data

I’d prefer the layout to be vertical rather than a single row horizontal table.


Reviving this conversation. I currently generate record URLs for each record in a table. It takes the form:


It would be much better for my UI if I could embed this URL in text. While I agree with the original post that it would be ideal to do this without sharing the entire table, it would be a good first step for my purposes just to have the embed/link capability on its own.

Is this currently possible? If not, please consider this an ongoing feature request. Thanks!