Embedded AirTable with a (script) Button field

I am embedding a view on my website - one of the fields is a button with a script that adds a record in another table to log the button press timing and some metadata.

However, as soon as I embed the table/view, the button field seems to be disabled on the embedded website, and can’t be clicked (screencap below) :thinking:

Any ideas/advice on this would be greatly appreciated :pray:

Screenshot 2020-10-22 at 6.23.14 PM

Unfortunately, since Script Apps have to be run in the client of an open base, Airtable does not allow buttons connected to Script Apps to be used outside of the client base. They are always disabled.

Buttons that do simpler things, like open a URL, are enabled and work in embedded Views.

You may be able to find a work around that involves an Automation Script triggered by some simpler action from the button.

The most simple solution I can think of, although it may be clunkier than you are wanting, is to have the button open a URL for a form that the user submits to this other table you have.

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