Embedded form autosize sometimes cuts off bottom of form

Hi. I’ve emedded a form using the autosize embed code and usually it works fine. However sometimes on page load it sets the height of the iframe slightly less than form’s actual height and cuts off some of the text at the bottom. Refreshing the page will usually fix it. This problem occurs regardless of the width of the container the iframe is in and regardless of the initial height set.

Normally the bottom of the form looks like this where the height is set to 913

Sometimes it loads like this where the height gets set to 829

My embed code is this

Anyone seen this problem before and know what can be done about it?


Welcome to the community, @Charles_Kelly! :smiley: I don’t do much form embedding, so I don’t know a solution off the top of my head. Your embed code didn’t appear, though. I’m guessing the forum software hid the HTML tags. What you can do is wrap it in graves triplets, which will force it to become pre-formatted text. So that this:

Your code in here


Your code in here

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