Embedded Views - Preserve Collapsed/Expanded Groups

Hi all - this is somewhat of a repeat topic, but the original post wasn’t under feature requests and has not yet been addressed.

When embedding a view that is grouped, every group is expanded regardless of how the view is configured prior to embedding it. It would be great to be able to preserve the configuration when embedding.

Use case: I embed several views on our company intranet with files to download. I have several different “packets” of files that I want employees to be able to see at a glance, instead of having to scroll past each group that they don’t need.

What I want the embedded view to look like:

vs. What it actually looks like:


+1 for this. Would make embedding views even more sticky

+1. Sometimes it appears to start collapsed, but no rhyme of reason for why so been unable to replicate it.

+1 for this. We embed in Confluence, and in our case are most interested in the counts and not the underlying records. It would be really nice if the collapsed view was preserved/respected.

+1 on this. Uncollapsed groups take up SOOO much vertical.