Embedding issues

I am trying to embed a table on my Wordpress site and have some questions

  1. Is it possible to remove the “download csv option”? I don’t want users to be able to download the entire table but I want them to be able to copy and paste information from that table.

  2. I have a column of images but it’s just showing a link to that image, I want the actual image to show in the table. Is this possible?

  1. To remove the “download csv options”, clear the “allow viewers to copy data out of this view” toggle when sharing the view. They should still be able to copy/paste single cell values.

  2. Thumbnails of images in attachments should show in the shared view, just as they appear in the user interface. Can you share a screen capture of what you see in the shared view versus the user interface? (If the forums won’t let you post a screen capture, you might need to participate in the community a little more first.)

Thanks so much! Ill see if I can get you a screenshot

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