Embedding Scripting Block into Stacker

Hi All,

I am attempting to embed the scripting block into stacker, but am not having any luck.
the block keeps showing up as greyed out. (Image below)

Any idea on how to fix this?
P.S. i’m not having this issue with any of Airtable’s built-in blocks.
Not sure this is an Airtable limitation because they do give you the option to embed the scripting block.


Script Blocks only work inside Airtable and can’t be run when embedded anywhere.

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Very strange that they give us the option to embed the scripting block.

Hi @Kamille_Parks, thanks for the answer.
Would you happen to know if a custom block would work?

I don’t know for sure but I doubt it. Custom Blocks don’t have the share option. This makes more sense than for Script Blocks as Custom Blocks are still a Beta feature.

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