Emoji mac shortcut crlt cmd space works on Chrome not of the desktop app


i love using emojis in my airtable base/table/view/fields…


i did not find any easy way to get them.

emoji shortcut on mac “crlt+cmd+space” works when i use airtable on Chrome
But when i use the desktop app (mac version), i have to go to the Notion Desktop App !!! …to get emojis and copypaste them.

In any Mac app, you can bring up a floating Emoji keyboard by pulling down from the “Edit” menu to “Emoji & Symbols”.

The keyboard shortcut for this is control-command-space, but you can also assign a different keyboard shortcut for this in “System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts>App Shortcuts”, and then you can add a new keyboard shortcut under the “All Applications” grouping.

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