Emojis alternating between single/double characters in some formula functions


Emojis are varying between being treated as single and double characters by different formula functions.

Here is an example base where I am extracting direct links to be able to tweet native Twitter video directly:

I paste in the tweet embed code into the first field, and then by the final field I have the link extracted.

There are two records here with the same embed code. One has an emoji, the other has the emoji removed.

You can see from the ‘Link found at…’ character counter that removing the emoji has shifted the count by 2 rather than 1. I’m using a FIND() function here.

The MID() formula which I’m using to display the link in the final column, however, seems to treat the emoji as one character rather than two. What this means is that it starts displaying the link one character too late. (ic.twitter.com rather than pic.twitter.com)

I think this bug is worthy of fixing in its own right, but I also wonder whether it’s worth having a function to strip emoji from a text string?


Interesting catch — I hate to think how long it must have taken to track it down to an emoji issue, of all things. One comment, though: When you configure a shared base link, make sure copying is enabled; otherwise, there’s no way for anyone to examine formulas and configuration.


Hmm, that’s weird, copying is turned on. ‘Show all fields in expanded records’ isn’t though, so I’ve turned that on in case that helps.


Okay, none of those options seem to do it.

Here’s the formulas:

Link Found At formula:

FIND("pic.twitter.com",{Paste tweet embed code here})

Link Ends At formula:

FIND("</a></p>",{Paste tweet embed code here})

`Characters To Take formula:

{Link ends at}-{Link found at}

Video Link To Tweet formula:

MID({Paste tweet embed code here},{Link found at},{Characters to take})