Employee Availability Base Manual Updates?


I have been looking EVERYWHERE for an App or Software for my staffing company. I would love to be able to have an option for all of my employee’s/contractors to access their own availability schedule to block out dates they are unavailable as their schedule changes throughout the season. Then, I can view my entire staff’s availability on one MASTER schedule, and be able to use filters to narrow down results based on employee location, availability, dates, etc.

Does anyone know if this would be possible with Airtable? I know you can create a base and add collaborators, but I don’t want the collaborators to see ALL of the staff’s availability when submitting. I want to be the only person able to access the Master Schedule.

I am currently making this happen in Google Sheets, where each employee has their own sheet and they can block off dates, and when they block off the date on their sheet, it automatically updates onto the master schedule spreadsheet that only I can see. I am looking to do this exact same thing in Airtable and then being able to use the filter feature to narrow down results and group things based on my needs.

If anyone has any guidance, recommendations, suggestions on how to make this possible please let me know. OR if you have any other apps/software that does this already for free/cheap that you could suggest me to, I would love to hear!


Hi Courtney,

I am a designer at Deputy. Did you check us out?

From your description it seems like you are looking exactly for our solution.
If you want you can start a free trial and see how you go, it’s supereasy to setup and get it running!

Have an awesome day!