Employee refuses to use AT - Is our work space too much, or just an excuse?

I’ve been using AT for about 2 months now and I can’t seem to get the other person in the office to utilize the database. I spend more time going back and updating information for office records than I do my own job. It’s very frustrating. He says he isn’t “tech-savvy”, but there’s nothing about our Air Table base that requires a skill. It’s pretty basic, fill in the blank.

I know Zapier will help update information automatically, but there a few reasons why I haven’t integrated it yet. (1. cost, 2. a lot of changing parts via email that wouldn’t be necessary for the base, 3. I seem to always get a connection error after a few days, 4. My lack of experience, just to name a few)

I keep going back and looking through templates for ideas, but I’m scared to make changes because I don’t want to overwhelm the already irritated employee.
Maybe our Base is too busy? Maybe I have irrelevant information? I don’t know. If anyone would like to check out the base and give me their advice or expertise to help me help him to inevitably help the company I would greatly appreciate it.

A little information:
We are a construction (Facility Maintenence) company. We have 1 customer at the moment - but with over 300 locations. We use 1 main Base: Project Database. Where I have a Dash Board, WO Dash Board and SubCntractor Dash Board (all locked…just to link information) The ones we utilize daily is our Project Database, Schedule (only used for field employees for form purposes), Estimates, Materials on Order and I currently have accounting on the base - but trying to move it to another base as it is not needed to be visible to other employees.
We have a 2nd base that he specifically asked for Proposals to track bids - but doesn’t really update it. Then there are multiple bases I use for HR purposes. So as you can tell I’m all over the place. I’m sure there is a way to condense information so make it easier for him to WANT to start using the database, so I can focus on my work and stop working evenings and weekends to just catch up.

I know it is a lot. Apparently, my need for explanation carries over in my workspaces.
If you want to take a look feel free to message me or I can add a screenshot here.

Thank you.