Employee scheduler: copying records from one week to the next

Hi there, we run our school’s school information system (SIS) on Airtable. Our faculty and staff have a daily schedule that is fairly consistent from workweek to workweek, but does include some variation. I want to the ability to copy a week’s worth of events from one week to the next, at which point I can make micro adjustments where needed. It’s far too cumbersome to individually copy every event, every day, and then adjust both the start and end (time) fields on every single record. I assume a scripting solution here is the right direction to head, but, being very new to this feature, I wonder if others with more experience would agree.

In essence, i’m attempting to mimic the features of some of the most popular employee-scheduling apps (e.g. Sling — getsling.com/employee-scheduling).

My setup is essentially this:

  • Table called “Calendar”
  • Date and time field called “Start”
  • Date and time field called “End”
  • Several other fields specific to our organization
  • Grid view
  • Calendar view

For those who’ve done more than dip their toes in with Airtable’s Scripting feature, do you suppose there is a feasible way to accomplish this? Thanks for any advice or nudges in the right direction!

Hey there @Stephen_Piscura! It’s Audrey from Airtable :wave:t2:

I noticed that you haven’t had any responses on your post and wanted to jump in.

I’d actually recommend doing this with Airtable Automations. Specifically, the “create record” action.

Thanks for being a part of our community :sparkles:

Thank you @Audrey_Harrison! Automations got me there. I’ll post my configuration in case it’s helpful to others.

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