Empty Cell When Formula Calculates Zero

Hi everyone,

I am using a formula to determine how much profit/loss is being made given the minimum number of people attend an event.

The issue I am encountering is that when the minimum number of people attending the event means that the profit/loss is exactly zero then it is returning an empty cell rather than a 0.00.

You will see in the below formula that I am also using the ROUND function as it was returning 6 decimal points when I only wanted 2. I was unable to use the formatting function as it is not always numerical value given the IF conditions at the start.

Really stuck on this one and any help would be greatly appreciated!

IF({Banded Pricing}=“No”,“N/A”,ROUND(((({Traveller Price}-{Variable PP Price}-{TM Pays Cash}-{TM Commission})*{Minimum #})-({Banded Fixed Cost at Min}/{Unique XR})),2))

Its not advised to have a mixed-output formula. It should be either always a number or always a string, but not either. How critical is it that “N/A” be in the same field?

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Hi @Kamille_Parks - thank you for your reply. It is not critical but we would like the cell to display if is not applicable. Would be happy if there was a solution that involved conditional formatting or something similar.


I would typically leave values blank if they’re not applicable, or force a zero value depending on circumstance

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