Enable submission of forms from shared base link


When using a shared base link it is currently not possible to submit a response to a form. When you navigate to a form page the following message pops up:


This means that instead of being able to provide a single shared base link, I need to provide a separate link to the form which creates a slightly confusing user experience.

Enabling submission of forms from shared base links makes it a very powerful tool for sharing information with and collecting information from a customer base.


I understand where your frustration is coming from, but I believe the Form View from within the base is there for editing purposes only. You couldn’t submit a response from that view even with creator credentials.

What I do as a workaround is to embed the shared base on a website (we have it on our company intranet), and then embed the form underneath or next to the base as a separate element. This works well and we haven’t had any confusion from it yet! Good luck :slight_smile:


Yes I realise, what I am saying is that in a read only version of the base why not make forms into accessible versions for submission purposes? Otherwise there is an editable version that can’t be edited, which is entirely redundant.