Ending support for direct file upload from Google services on mobile

Due to changes in Google’s APIs, and very low usage of these integrations, we’ve decided to temporarily remove the ability to attach files directly from Google services (Drive, Gmail, Photos) from our iOS & Android mobile apps. We understand that this decision may have implications for existing workflows and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it creates.

Looking further down the roadmap for Airtable on mobile, removing legacy functionality allows us to explore a wider range of possible product decisions. In the meantime, we recommend using either our web or desktop apps to attach files from Google services. We appreciate your understanding!

I am disappointed to hear this especially after dropbox and one drive no longer upload. Not all users of airtable sit in offices with desk or laptops some work in the field uploading with iOS devices such as phones or iPads. Would appreciate airtable developing a function that would allow pdf and other files to be uploaded to bases from iPads phones and other portable devices for those of us who do not work in an office but rely on airtable

This is devastating news. I run my business from IOS devices, using Airtable to record and save most of my files and records. At first Box was dropped, so I moved to GDrive. There now appears to be no way to upload anything but pictures to my bases from my IOS devices.
Having paid for a subscription to Airtable I did not expect such basic functionality to be withdrawn.
Please put the GDrive functionality back into the product asap so that I can continue to use (and recommend) Airtable