Enter current date in a new record in view automatically

Hi there,

I’m doing an IFTTT to Airtable integration, which creates recurring tasks. The only challenge I’m facing is adding the current date.

IFTTT passes a date as “August 08, 2020 at 09:31PM” which Airtable can’t use.

So I’m looking for other solutions.

One possible solution is using Automation and Scripting.
Any new record created in view runs a script that adds the current date to my “Date” column.

Can anyone help me with this script? Or suggest another way of adding the current date, without changing the Date field into a formula field - since I input most dates manually.


You can start by creating a formula field in Airtable that simply parses the string that you’re receiving from IFTTT. Your formula would look like this:


That formula will result in a date/time format that Airtable can recognize.

Once you have the result of your formula, you can copy-and-paste that data into a normal date field any way that you’d like. You can use Airtable’s built-in automations, you can write a JavaScript, or you can use Integromat to copy-and-paste the data for you. You could even manually copy-and-paste the data.

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