Entering Formulas on iPad

I have found that formulas entered on iPad don’t work correctly; especially if there’s a literal in them. I can go to my Mac and enter exactly the same thing and it works. Any solutions?

Hi @Brad_Iverson

I am quite surprised that you are able to enter formulas on an iPad with the app.

The app doesn’t normally allow you to enter a formula.

Are you sure it’s in the Formula field? I found that when I would check the Formula field on an iPad, using the app, that it does not allow me to do anything in the field.

Otherwise, you would have to do your formulas on the Mac.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

If the formulas involve just fields, I seem to be OK but the minute there’s a literal, I’m done. I’ve tried both Safari and Chrome with no difference. To be clear, I’m using the browser on the iPad, not the app.


Hi @Brad_Iverson

Even using a browser can be tricky, since the Airtable version is not really cohesive with the browser, when using mobile devices.

Mary Kay

Hi @Brad_Iverson

Were my posts helpful, given the limitations?

If so, can you mark this as solved.

Thank you!


@Brad_Iverson As @M_k mentioned above, you can only truly create and/or customize an Airtable app using the desktop web browser version (or desktop app) of Airtable. And users can only get the full Airtable experience by using a desktop web browser (or desktop app).

The mobile app is very limited — it can only do a tiny fraction of what the desktop app can do

Mobile web browsers are not supported at all. Almost no part of Airtable will currently work properly in a mobile web browser. For example, scrolling doesn’t work at all on iOS so you can’t even view your records, and as you’ve discovered, you can’t edit formulas in a mobile web browser either. You might find that a few little things work with the mobile web browser, such as clicking on the button to export data as a CSV file. But 99% of Airtable won’t work in a mobile web browser.

So you really need a desktop/laptop to use all of Airtable.

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