Entering numbers as exponentials / scientific notation

Is there any way to enter numbers as exponents in scientific notation into Airtable? For example, we get readings from some instruments in exponential format such as 4.67e6 or 4.67x10^6 as in 4,670,000, but in order to avoid people making errors translating 4.67e6 to 4,670,000, I want them to be able to enter in the number the way it shows up on the instrument: 4.67e6 or 3.42e5, or whatever.

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You could have users enter the two parts of the scientific number in two different fields. Then use a formula field to calculate the decimal.

    {significand (m)} & "",
    {significand (m)} < 10,
    {significand (m)} > -10,
    {exponent (n)} & ""
  {significand (m)} * POWER(10, {exponent (n)})

You can see a writeup on my website here, including a working demo where you can enter your own numbers.

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