Enterprise Calendar features

We have Enterprise account and I’m trying to do date ranges in Calendar/grid views - is that possible in Enterprise or only in Pro? I would think Enterprise account has all the features that Pro has, right??

Hey @Pam_Elliott2! Welcome in!

Firstly, if you have an enterprise agreement with Airtable, you have a dedicated enterprise support network at Airtable set up to assist you and your organization!

One of the quickest ways to get help is to use the Contact Support function built directly into Airtable.

There are a few other ways, but that would be the quickest way!

Regarding Date Ranges:

You haven’t lost any functionality!
You should be able to quickly pull up the date range via both an existing view’s settings or by creating a new calendar view.

Creating a new calendar view will prompt you to define your desired range using the date fields that you specify.

Here’s a quick example I threw together:

If I’m missing something, please let me know!
Any additional context, screenshots, etc. would also be incredibly helpful!

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