Envelop Budgeting System



I’m trying to develop a simple envelope budgeting system for my family.
You can read more about the envelope system here, it’s very straight forward:
I created the following table:
It works wonderfully for me and my wife but the month is about to end (1oth of march) and in this specific system you need to add to the envelop a new monthly budget in addition to what’s left from last month and I can’t find a way to performing that, Maybe I need to create another month table, I don’t know.
I’m willing to pay for a professional to do it, it’s pretty simple but I don’t have the experience.
Can someone help me?



Hi there @Guy_Cohen!

Did you find a solution for this?


Unfortunately, not yet :frowning:


Somehow I didn’t get a notification…

It’s probably not that hard, I’ll send you a PM.