Erase all attachments from the attachment field in an instant

Is there was a script I can use to erase all attachments in an attachment field with the click of a button or even with an automation?

It is possible to have a script that will remove all attachments in an attachment field. The script could be run from a button field, the run button in Scripting app, or an automation.

If you have an automation, you don’t even need a script. Simply overwrite the attachment field with a blank value.

However, this will only remove the attachment from the record/field. It will not delete the actual file on Airtable’s servers. Airtable keeps the attachment file in order to be able to restore attachments up to the revision history duration.

Thanks a lot for the info!!! But would happen to know the script that I can use?

There are many scripts that show how to set the value of a field,
including the examples in Scripting App. To remove the attachment,
set the value of the attachment field to null.

If you do not feel comfortable writing your own script and have budget to hire
someone to write the script, there are several script writers on these forums,
myself included.

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