Error 422: Zapier of Google Sheet data to Airtable


I’m using Zapier’s zap for important a new row in a Google Sheet into a Airtable. I can’t get it to work because I get a 422 error (see attached).

I have no field called “fields” anywhere, so I’m at a loss as to how to troubleshoot.

I’m doing this with a simple test sheet and base, not anything complicated.



Hi Julie, the ‘fields’ is referencing what needs to be posted to their api. It should be there as part of their zap, but Im guessing that no data was found in your test to actually post to the create new record.

If you ping me via email ( I can share more details on how we’ve overcome the limitations with the zapier connector for airtable.


Thanks! The issue isn’t an empty record. I eventually gave up and ended up using IFTTT to do this since Zapier is so finicky.