ERROR: "An API key is required to connect to Airtable" in PRODUCTION

I have a website built with ReactJs, Gatsby & deployed to Netlify. Hosting at
I am sending a very simple data to my Airtable form. Everything works perfectly in development, Netlify builds without any issue, link from Netlify work perfectly. However once I deploy to my domain hosted at, I am getting an error that API key is missing for Airtable (but for example not for Prismic which I am using as well).
You can check netlify deploy here:
And domain here:

There is Newsletter form at the botttom of the home page, once I submit, preview returns OK submission, domain returns Error in console that Airtable API undefined.

I am not sure why this is happening, env variables are saved in UI of Netlify domain setttings and as mentioned other API keys are ok, only the POST request for this Airtable link does not work…

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

Thank you in advance

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