Error in formula field

Is there a problem using a formula field in another formula field ? I have 2 calculated fields that I want to derive from 2 number fields. The 2 raw number fields are {Seeds per g} and {Plan2023}.
I derive an {adjusted Plan} field using 1.1*{Plan2023}. I then want to derive the {wt of seeds required} field using {adjusted plan} /{Seeds per g} but this gives an error for every record.
Even if I make the {wt of seeds required} formula something really simple like {adjusted plan}/2 or 0.5*{adjusted plan} it gives all errors.
I can make the formula just = {adjusted plan} but as soon as I do any numeric operation on it it gives errors.

OK I sorted it out. The first calculated field used an if statement with an option that if a record was empty, the result was " ". So airtable classified this field as being not numeric, even though it looked like it was. I changed the " " option to 0 and its all OK. Is there an option to have the result being “blank” rather than 0 when a preceding field is also blank ?


Leave off the third parameter of the IF function.

  {adjusted Plan},
  {adjusted plan} /{Seeds per g} 
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Thanks kuovonne. I also found there is a Blank() option for formulas.

Yes, there is. I personally do not find it useful. Other people may find it easier to understand.

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