Error message in email automation setup

Im trying to trigger am automatic email to go out to contacts once I select it in the fields. The first half of the setup texts fine, but then the second half (the actual email) keeps giving me an error message- see image.

My email says it is set up, both in Airtable and in gmail.

I am going round in circles. Any help much appreciated.


Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 14.50.53

That error seems pretty clear-cut, I’m guessing you were unable to get a hold of Google support? As in, human support?

Thanks for replying - Great news Domonik I disconnected Gmail and reconnected and I had missed an all important permission step during connection. Wish I had tried that aaaages ago instead of assuming I was doing something wrong in Airtable!

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All’s well that sent mail :smiley:

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