Error: Received invalid inputs

Hey, I’m facing a specific issue in Airtable Automations:

I’ve created a automation to do the following:
Trigger: Receipt of Webhook
Action: Update a Record in Airtable.

The trigger is working fine, however the action is continuously failing with the following error: “Received invalid inputs.”.

I’ve taken the usual steps of:

  1. Re-test the Trigger and then re-try the Action
  2. Re-configure the fields to be updated in the Action
  3. Check the field types that need to be updated in the action.

Does anyone have experience with what could be the issue here? (Screenshot attached)

That is not a valid record ID. Does you webhook response contain an Airtable record ID, or are you trying to search for an Airtable record that has 60d1bc5... as a value for a particular field?

Thanks Kamille!

Yes, I was trying to search for an Airtable record that has 60d1bc5. I thought that the Airtable record id was the primary field of the table.

Based on your response it looks like I’ll have to do a find record to get the record id and then use that record it to do an update record.

Is that correct?

You are correct. First you must find the matching record. This could be accomplish with a Find records action step that searches for the particular value. From there you can pass the found ID to your Update record step. (Note: you will receive an error if 0 or more than 1 matching records are found)

Airtable record Ids are not shown by default (you can add a formula field with RECORD_ID() to display it). While the “name” of a record, the value for its primary field, can change over time, the record ID is constant and never changes.


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