Error: Row Does Not Exist

I am trying to patch fields, however I am facing trouble with the record ID:

Here are the records

{"records": [{"id": "recMcKXnqXUsJ2Ptu", "fields": {"Name": "GoodLife"}, "createdTime": "2019-10-10T11:56:56.000Z"}, {"id": "recayWtmjGL5k1kgK", "fields": {"Name": "Love"}, "createdTime": "2019-10-10T11:56:56.000Z"}, {"id": "recqCoVKArOQS4UPL", "fields": {"Name": "Fashion"}, "createdTime": "2019-10-10T11:56:56.000Z"}]}

And here is the error message I received

{'error': {'type': 'ROW_DOES_NOT_EXIST', 'message': 'Record ID recayWtmjGL5k1kgK does not exist in this table'}}

As you can see above, there actually is a record with the ID recayWtmjGL5k1kgK, hence I do not understand the error message.

Indeed there is. But it’s important to see how you are attempting to address this record. Give us a little more insight into the code.

Sure. I am working in Python using the requests module to connect to the API.

Here is the response I receive together with the URL, status code and body that I sent with my request (authentication is handled via the headers which I did not include below)

[{"response": {"error": {"type": "ROW_DOES_NOT_EXIST", "message": "Record ID recayWtmjGL5k1kgK does not exist in this table"}}, "url": "", "status_code": 422, "body": {"records": [{"id": "recayWtmjGL5k1kgK", "fields": {"ID": 22}}, {"id": "recqCoVKArOQS4UPL", "fields": {"ID": 23}}]}, "method": "PATCH"}]

Nevermind, I just noticed my mistake. It lies in the URL: I am addressing to the wrong table, silly me.

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