ERROR showing up using WORKDAY formulas


I have two columns right now, one is titled “Confirmed Receipt” and it is a date field. Right now, I only have a date entered for one row, as only one item has been confirmed received.

The next column is titled “Follow Up Date” and it is a formula field. I’m using this to remind me to follow up 2 weeks after the confirmed receipt. The formula I have is

WORKDAY({Confirmed Receipt},10)

For the one row with a date in it under Confirmed Receipt, the Follow Up Date field is properly populating. For all of the other rows, the cell under Follow Up Date displays #ERROR. is there a way to change that so that it is just blank?

Please help!


Wrap the formula with an IF:

IF({Confirmed Receipt},{Your_Formula}).


Thank you!

I used the following formula, which worked well.

IF({Confirmed Receipt}=BLANK(),"",DATETIME_FORMAT(WORKDAY({Confirmed Receipt},10),‘MM/DD/YYYY’))