Error when importing VCard file with Contact Import Block


I’m attempting to import Google contacts exported in VCard format using the new Contact Import Block. I’ve tried files from two different Google accounts, one short (88 kb) and another long (350kb). Both show the error “Something is wrong. You must upload a vCard file”.

I’m using Google Chrome 64 on a Chromebook.



Hi Andrew,

I just tried exporting my contacts from Google contacts and it seems to have worked, so I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. If possible, could you export a few contacts (could use dummy data) and email the vCard to so we can take a closer look?



Hey Kasra,

OK, will email a sample.

FYI: I tried a *.vcf file with just one contact while using a Chrome Incognito window and got the same result.


If you want import vcard file with contacts , you can use free vCard Export Import.

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