Eval() Function, Different Formula for Each Record

I’ve found the need for an Eval() (Evaluate Function) that would allow you to have a different formula for each record in a table. For example, if you have a field called Formula Text with the following data for the first 3 records:

  1. TRIM(UPPER({Input Field 1}))
  2. CONCATENATE({Input Field 2}, " ",{Input Field 3})
  3. CONCATENATE("Expiration Date: ",{Input Field 4})

The Eval() function would allow you to create a new field called Formula Result, who’s properties are set to Formula with the following formula: Eval({Formula Text}), and the results for the first 3 records would be (I’ve omitted sample data and have just performed the functions in the formula to the names of the Input Fields):

  2. Input Field 2 Input Field 3
  3. Expiration Date: Input Field 4

Yep - I miss this functionality which is present in Coda Docs and spreadsheets. Google calls them Array Formulas.

=ArrayFormula(SUM(B2:B5 * C2:C5))

Perhaps a more elegant approach, a field-level formula. A field (or column-based) formula could be applied in-place or in an adjacent field, thus making it possible to simplify the table structure. I believe it may be more processor efficient as well. I believe array formulas may also present some maintenance advantages.

In any case, an array formula could be used to achieve the objective in your example, but I suppose it would be nice to have the option of both approaches.