Event Schedule and employee availability

I have no idea where to start on a formula for this. :stuck_out_tongue:

What I would like to accomplish is for Airtable to compare two start times and two end times and tell me which of them matches up.

One start/end time would be for an event or concert, and the second would be for employee availability.

I want to know if an employee has a start/end time that overlaps an events start/end time. If the two times match I would like Airtable to tell me which employees are available during that event or concert.

I have two tables, one table is for the event and its information then other table is for keeping track of employees available time.

Table 1: is for events and projects. It has a column that has a start time and end time.

Table 2: is for employee availability. It also has a column for start time and end time as well.

What formula should I start building out. Should I combine the tables together to make it easier? Any suggestions to get me headed in the right direction or if you know a solution. I would love to hear it.

We have a large team, getting this to work would help out a ton. It would be helpful because then those who are available to work could get notified when a project fits their schedule or our project manager could reach out directly to them.

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