Exact Match in Search block

Hi, can you please add the ability to control the search patterns inside the search block? For example, add the ability to perform exact match search when searching across tables. Right now, search results bring back too many records to sift through.

In general, would be good to have more control over the search pattern. Maybe you can add RegEx capabilities to the Search Block.

Thanks for your consideration.


I second this request. The search block is great but it returns too many results as it stands. If you wanted to keep the ability for users to search with the current fuzzy matching, perhaps you could add a preference that users could toggle to turn on/off exact searching, or allow use of quotation marks in the search box around a word or phrase that should be matched exactly.

Thank you for considering.

Would also like to see this feature. Without it, can’t use the search block for our needs.

Is it possible that I want to remove the language option on the search blog? there is a problem searching for data in many different languages only searching in specific language or selected language. Without the choice of language you want to search the word in a simple way!