Exchange currency


Is any tips/hint for exchange from one currency to another ?

example is a sale of the same product in more currency around the world like $ (dollar) € (eur) £ (sterlin).
I like show the product value in only € (euro) and imput in table the product value sale around world with the sale currency ?
( like sho : on sale cookbook 25€ | but my input is : store in london 20£ | store in newyork is 22$ etc…etc…)


  1. Create an exchange table under google sheet

  2. Use googlefinance function to get exchange rate update (eg. =GoogleFinance(“CURRENCY:USDTWD” , “average”) … )

  3. Zapier to zap this record into airtable record.


Do you know what that zap in zapier would be?

I’ve been looking though and haven’t been able to figure out…