Exclude Previous dates on Member Attendance Base



We are currently updating our attendance tracking on our base.

What we currently have is the following base:

What it does is that on the Member Attendance sheet, we get to input attendances for each of our members.
And if that member’s entry through the space is passport or not. We count them.

What we want to do further is that if the Member Attendance Date IS_BEFORE the Renewal Date. We will no longer include them on the total summation for attendances.

As of now, we’re currently having trouble formulating a formula for what we want to happen. Any assistance on the matter is much appreciated.

I’m planning on adding the update to the Membership Entries column.
Here’s the formula for the Membership Entries Column:
SUM({Membership Entry})

What I want to do is to exclude the Membership Entry Count values whose dates are before the Renewal date.


I think you’ve already done it… just need to add a filter (sum is at bottom of entry count column if that’s all you need)

good work & thanks for all the new contact info for my Philippines spam list! seriously though, so nice when someone shares a link to a base, so much easier to understand, saves time setting up duplicate, and also learn some new approaches in the process!

follow-up question: did you want to exclude them entirely, or count the days attended while active?

update 2: I just re-read what you actually wanted to do, and realized that none of what I said applies haha


OK, looks like on “Member Attendance” your “Membership Entry Count” formula is currently:

IF({Passport Booking}= 'No' ,1 ,0)

Try adding a conditional IF to check for the date compared to renewal date… and 0 if it isn’t whatever you want.


That might work!

From what I can visualize so far, I might need to set a lookup field for the Membership Date, and add it to the Membership Entry Count Column.

Probably along the lines of.

IF({Passport Booking} = 1,
if({Membership Date} > {Attendance Date},
~don't know what to place here~
~don't know what to place here~


Thanks for pointing out the contacts. It was my first time reaching out to the community so there had to be some adjustments. haha.



Have done it! The next problem I have now is that the formula would only work with one attendance entry.
Does anyone have any ideas as to how to make it work with multiple entries?

Carlson B.