Expand Hidden Fields Features (sorting, filtering, and others)


Bases organically grow pretty wide over time. When it comes time to reign that growth in, I usually use the hidden fields tool to quickly look through my fields before further inspecting them. The search feature helps, but it’s limited to filtering by keywords, which means I only find fields that are well named.

A Use Case

A user needs to look through ton of redundant due date fields. To find them, the user needs to repeatedly scour hundreds of fields for anything of the ‘date’ field type before being able to inspect more carefully. Likewise, they’ll need to look for other field types (formulas, single line text) that can also serve up date related data.


At minimum, it’d be useful to sort the hidden fields by ‘field type,’ but I’m sure there are other ideas worth exploring as well - such as alphabetical sorting, who and when the field was created (other great ones in the comments).


Note that you can type in the hidden field list to filter that list.

For sure. And filtering by additional parameters (such as field type) would also be a good solve. As is, we’re limited to keywords, which means we’re really only finding fields that are well named.

Oh, I see what you’re saying! Yes, that’s a fantastic idea!

It would be really nice to be able to filter/sort on different criteria, such as “field type”.

Also, filter/sort by “creation time”, “person who created the field”, etc.

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YES! This would be incredibly helpful!! Also, three more things:

  • the ability to move all hidden fields to the end of the field list, so you can more easily move around those that are not hidden.

  • The ability to edit field Name, Type, and Description from the Fields List.

  • The ability to Hide and Delete multiple fields at the same time from the Fields List would be a huge help!