Expanded Record in Mobile App Does Not Open Top-Most View

I’m having trouble when expanding a linked record in the mobile app. My understanding is that expanding a linked record should open the top-most view of the linked table. When using Airtable on my laptop, this is the behavior I experience. However, when expanding a linked record in the mobile app, the view used on the fourth view down on the linked table.

I can’t figure this out. Is this a bug? Anyone else experiencing this in the mobile app? Note: I have confirmed my mobile app is up to date. Also, my tables do not have any personal views; they are all public views. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Welcome to the community, @Brian_Fowler! :smiley: My gut says that this is a difference between the mobile app and desktop app, which are likely developed by different teams. Why it’s not consistent is a mystery, but it’s probably just an oversight, not necessarily a bug. I recommend reaching out to Airtable support directly (in the app: Help → Contact support) to bring this to their attention. While Airtable staffers do frequent the forum, they prefer to be approached directly with support requests.

Thanks! I’ll try the direct approach.

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