Expanded record redesign

Is it possible for the users to redesign the expanded record interface? We got very long records ( lots of columns ) and it would be much easier to resize and group records, or display them sometimes in the same line, sometimes in blocks. Is it possible to create this type of interface with a different app or API?

You can definitely create your own interface with the API. I actually did that. I did it again on a couple of other occasions and one instance was for the exact reason you described—I needed more room for record contents because they were quite long. It takes maybe a work day’s worth of effort if you’re comfortable with basic web development and making REST API calls, or less if you don’t need security (user logins), but it’s a very specific type of solution. Most people don’t want to bother or have the right skills for the job so it really depends on what you’re comfortable doing.

The page designer block might work as an alternative, though. You can format records however you like with it. It only displays one record at a time, but you can set it up with a table that has linked record fields containing multiple records and that’s how you can get a lot more. Since you can set the size of the page to be longer than one you’d actually print, you can fit a lot on there.

I used the API because I’m picky and was able to accomplish a lot more of what I wanted with it, but I used the page designer block as an interim solution until I had time to finish the API version. So I’d start there and see if you can do most of what you need. If it’s still not doing everything you want, at least you’ll have an improved version until you have time to make what you really need with the API. :slight_smile:

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