Expanded Record should match View


Please make the Expanded Record match the View in use. I use Airtable as a Project Management tool and we use the Expanded Record heavily. Its clunky right now with all the extra fields in there that don’t need to be seen. For us it really keeps us from being able to use Airtable to its full potential. I need to be able to get new people up and running quickly. Currently I have to explain which fields to ignore, etc. It’s just not clean and easy like the rest of your program.

I’m trying to think like you here and I figure the least amount of work for Airtable team would be to simply match the Expanded Record with whatever the current View shows. This would solve my issue and for many others who have raised this. It would be continuing your great vision of having Views, which is really the most outstanding feature in Airtable.

In an even better world you would have functionality to edit the Expanded Record in any way the user sees fit. But that can get complicated and might even take away from your vision of what Airtable does. So maybe later…



This really is a problem for non-tech savy users. Those extra fields are confusing the heck out of them.


Yeah, especially when I have several fields used purely for behind the scenes calculations… +1


In another thread you indicated that you are working on this. Any news?